Sustainable growth
through inclusive insurance and benefits
for platform workers

We are here for life's ups and downs

Things happen in life which can’t be planned for. Your community could be at risk due to the lack of proper protections and benefits that help provide income stability for their employed counterparts.

This where Indeez comes in by providing a safety net for your independent workers.

We are industry experts

Together we can build the inclusive  insurance and benefits programs that you workers want and need, providing an attractive reason to choose and stay on your platform.

Build the right program

for your community

Whether you seek to reinforce your social commitment or attract and retain your community of workers, find the right fit to grow more sustainably. 

Accident & Sickness

Whenever they are injured, sick, need compassionate leave or having a baby, we provide the financial support they need.


Protect your community and your brand in case they hurt someone or damage their belongings during a shift.


The first income protection insurance against Covid-19 infection designed for platform workers.


Protect your customers, and your brand in case something gets stolen by one of your workers during a shift.  

Vehicle Interruption

Help your drivers to protect their earnings in case their car is  immobilized and they cannot work.