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The following terms have the following meaning in these Terms of Use:

Unless required otherwise as a result of the context, terms and definitions stated in the singular include the plural, and vice versa.

      • “Application”: refers to the mobile applications published by Indeez, available on iOS and Android.

        • “Website”: refers to the ‘’ website and all of its sub-domains. 

        • “User”: refers to a visitor of the Website or Application. Referred also as “you”, “your”, “yourself”

      For simplicity purposes, reference to our ‘Site’ in these Terms of Use shall include our Website and our Application.


      “Indeez” (also referred to as “we,” “our,” or “us”) refers to the simplified joint-stock company Indeez, registered with the Paris Trade and Companies Register under number 888 048 659, with its registered office at 19 rue du Rocher, 75008 Paris, France. We are registered with ORIAS under registration number 20006983 as an insurance broker to operate in France and the European Union under the free provision of services. We are also authorized to operate in the United Kingdom under the supervision of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Indeez is registered with the FCA under number 978039. The Site is not intended for countries other than those mentioned in this paragraph, the list of which may be subject to change by Indeez. 

      We invite you to carefully read these Terms of Use, which detail the terms and consequences of using the Site by our Users. By accessing any part of the Site, you declare your acceptance of the entire Terms of Use to which the User is bound without reservation. Otherwise, you must cease using the Site.

      Your Data and Privacy

      To understand how Indeez collects, uses, and stores information about you, as well as your rights for the protection of your personal data, we invite you to read our Data Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy.

      Online Conduct

      The User agrees to use the Site, its domain names, and any element composing it only for purposes in accordance with public order, good morals, and the rights of third parties, in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. When using the Site, you agree, in particular, not to:

          • Use elements, including images or photographs, in a way that infringes any copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret, or other proprietary right of a third party;

          • Commit unlawful, fraudulent, or malicious acts or acts that could affect the cybersecurity of the Site or the computer system of other Users, and not to interfere or disrupt its normal operation (including by downloading files containing viruses, Trojans, worms, or any other similar software or program);

          • Launch attacks on the Site or disrupt Indeez in any other way;

          • Use Indeez in the context of chain letters, emails, or any unsolicited message (commercial or otherwise);

          • Defame, harass, threaten, or otherwise violate the legal rights (such as privacy rights) of others;

          • Restrict or prevent any other User from using and enjoying the Site or any other content of Indeez;

          • Harvest or otherwise collect information about Users, including email addresses;

          • Create a false identity with the intention of deceiving Indeez or Users.

        If you believe you have identified illicit content or content that constitutes abuse (e.g., content related to the provocation of acts of terrorism and their apology, incitement to violence, defamation, etc.), experience or observe data loss, or notice inaccurate information or material errors, please inform us at the following address:

        Intellectual Property

        This Site is protected by copyright owned by Indeez under applicable intellectual property legislation. Indeez is the exclusive owner or holds the usage rights of all elements constituting the Site and all intellectual property rights attached to it, including but not limited to:

            • Trademarks, logos, domain names, icons, and all graphics represented on the Site;

            • Photographs, texts, slogans, drawings, images, animated and non-animated sequences, and sound or non-sound works integrated into the Site;

            • Computer applications and software made available or accessible through the Site.

          Except for any reasonable use strictly reserved for the internal purposes of your business, any reproduction, representation, use, publication or modification, on any medium and by any means, of all or part of the Site and all or part of the various protected elements that compose it, without having obtained the prior written and express authorization of Indeez, is strictly prohibited and constitutes the offence of counterfeiting.

          External Links and Third Party Content

          Indeez may provide Users with hyperlinks to access third-party websites. Indeez has no control over the content of third-party websites and will, therefore, assume no responsibility related to these sites. Likewise, Indeez is not responsible for malfunctions of third-party websites or damage to the User’s information systems related to the use of third-party websites. Any access to these third-party websites will be at the discretion of the User, under their own responsibility.

          Creation of Links to Indeez’ Site

          Except as provided below, it is strictly prohibited to make all or part of this Site available on another site. Indeez allows the establishment, in a reasonable manner and strictly reserved for the internal purposes of your business, of a hyperlink to all sites except those disseminating information that is illegal, controversial, pornographic or, more generally, that may offend the sensitivity of the general public. Furthermore, the link must not be embedded in other pages (frameset). Indeez reserves the right, at any time and at its sole discretion, to request the removal of a link if it is considered that the target site does not comply with the rules defined above. Moreover, since sites with a hyperlink to the Site are not under its control, Indeez disclaims all responsibility regarding access and content on these sites.

          No Warranties

          The Site is made available to the User without any warranty of any kind regarding its availability, content, completeness or timeliness. In addition, Indeez provides no advice and makes no recommendations regarding the Site, and therefore does not guarantee that the contents offered on this Site will meet your requirements, requests, needs or expectations.

          Also, Indeez cannot be held responsible for any direct or indirect damage, regardless of the cause, origin, nature, and consequence, arising from the consultation or use of the Site, except for bodily injury caused by negligence or in the presence of intentional fault directly attributable to Indeez.

          Indeez also disclaims any responsibility in the event of interruption or inaccessibility of the Site, the occurrence of malfunctions, and any damage resulting from fraudulent or malicious acts by third parties from the Site. Indeez does not control the risks associated with the operation of the Internet and reminds the User of possible risks regarding the privacy of data transmitted via this network.

          Indeez cannot be held responsible for access restrictions or the closure of its Site permanently or temporarily, especially in the case of updates or maintenance operations.


          Indeez or its representatives have no obligation to control your access or use of the Site or Site content but have the right to do so to ensure the proper management of the Site, within the framework and limits of its aforementioned data protection and cookies policies (see “Your Data and Privacy”). This control may also be exercised by Indeez to ensure that you comply with these Terms of Use or to comply with applicable law or a request from a court, supervisory authority or other administrative body.

          Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

          These Terms of Use and any dispute arising therefrom shall be governed by French law and interpreted in accordance with it, excluding conflict of law rules. Any dispute is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the territorial jurisdiction of the registered office of the company Indeez (Paris), including in the case of summary proceedings, multiple defendants and warranty appeals, with the sole exception of any jurisdiction required by legislation in favour of non-professional consumers.

          Amicable resolution of disputes

          In the event of a dispute concerning a non-professional consumer, you have the right to resort, free of charge, to a consumer mediator for the amicable resolution of any dispute related to the execution of these Terms of Use against Indeez, as follows:

          For Users based in France, according to the conditions provided for in Articles L.611-1 and following and R.152-1 and following of the French Consumer Code. For this purpose, you can contact the consumer mediator at the following address: 

          Centre de médiation de la consommation de conciliateurs de justice (CM2C)

          Address: 14 rue Saint Jean, 75017 Paris

          Phone: 01 89 47 00 14


          For Users based in other countries of the European Union: you can use the Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) platform of the European Union provided by the European Commission, accessible at the following link:

          For Users based in the United Kingdom: you can refer to the Financial Ombudsman Service:

          Address: Exchange Tower, London E14 9SR

          Phone: 0800 023 4567 or 0300 123 9123



          Changes to these Terms of Use

          We may modify these Terms of Use from time to time to comply with the latest laws and regulations and to adapt them to the new services we offer. Please refer to our Site for the latest version of the Terms of Use. To help you track changes, we indicate at the beginning of the document the last date of their update. 

          These changes take effect upon the publication of the new Terms of Use and are deemed accepted as long as you continue to use the Site after their publication. If you have any questions about the changes made to our Terms of Use, please contact us as indicated in the following section.

          Contact Us

          For any additional information, please contact us here: