Tech as a service

Grow faster by offering your clients a new digital experience.

Our vision of Tech

Our vision lies in providing the technology infrastructure required to efficiently coordinate intricate insurance programs. This takes care of the full insurance lifecycle - from enrollment to claims management and including enhanced real time risk management information.

Our Tech Features

Handle various insurance policies

Our versatile technology enables management of diverse insurance products with the ability to easily onboard new and enhance existing policies.

User-Friendly Experience

Deliver a great user experience to your customers through our responsive website accessible on various devices and seamless integration into partner apps or platforms.

Supporting all stakeholders

Our platform provides stakeholder specific dashboards for efficient management of the gig-insurance lifecycle, enabling partners, TPAs, end users and support/operations to analyze, manage along with access policies and claims seamlessly.

Meets data regulations

Built to handle the tough data security and compliance challenges of the Insurance sector and the European region.

How you can

grow with us

Speed to market.

Launch programs within 10 minutes and go live in just 10 days, enabling quick market entry and an agile response to your customers’ needs.

Cost-effective solutions.

Reduce development and operational costs along with time spent on policy management with automated and digitized processes.

Enhanced underwriting.

Consolidate all data in one accessible platform, providing multi-stakeholder access and real-time performance insights for more informed decision-making.

They're our best


“We are thrilled to partner with Indeez Insurance to provide freelance workers with the financial protection and security they deserve. Independent workers play a vital role in the UK economy, and it’s important that they have access to the same benefits and protections as traditional employees.”

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Country Head
at Dolor

We've got you covered whilst you're out working

For all incidents taking place after the 30th June 2022 please make your claim here

If you need to make a liability claim as a result of causing injury or property damage to a third party whilst you were working, click the button below to access the Indeez claim platform.

We've got you covered

If you have been involved in an incident with a Deliveroo Rider that has caused you bodily injury or property damage, please make your claim – click the button.