We enable manufacturers, mobility providers and distributors to offer tailored, embedded insurance products specifically designed for their customers.

Provide your customers with

bespoke insurance solutions

specifically designed for them.

A fitting solution for your


Products designed for our partners.

Our products are not just products, but a partnership in progress, evolving with you and for you.  Firstly, we address legal necessities in the market; secondly, we layer in coverages tailored to your customers, clients, and market dynamics; and finally, we add specific coverages for the electric vehicle landscape. 

Crafting innovation together.

Once the product is launched our job is not yet finished. We are constantly working on product innovation and add-ons of useful features like pay per mile, flexible and connected insurance, public charging cards and enhancements to our digital claims process.

The result is a tailored solution to meet the unique needs of you and your customers and fit the context of the markets you navigate.

Embark on excellence.

Elevating the customer journey. 

For us the customer experience is one of the most important parts of what we do. 

We support an embedded purchase journey that is consistent across all geographies, a simplified digital claims experience and a customisable platform to review all your insurance program data.

Removing the complexity.

We absorb the insurance complexity, agnostic to product, regulation and geography. We set up, run and manage your entire program, spanning multiple markets. All at no cost to you.

No what-ifs
From A to Z

What you get

When you partner with us

Proprietary Technology platform

Embedded purchase and claims experience

Multi-product platform agnostic to geography and language.

Insurance Turnkey

Build, operate & manage insurance program globally removing client hurdle of time, budget & resources.


Shareholder Value Creation

New revenue streams, 

Increased customer retention, and cost savings.

Data Insights and Transparency

Real-time custom reports, Multi-stakeholder access for partner and end user, Enhanced with third party data.

Program and Operations Simplicity

Let Indeez absorb the insurance complexity, agnostic of product, regulation and geography.


Supporting the transition to green, sustainable mobility.