Malt UK x Indeez

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Key benefit:

Malt partners with Indeez to set industry standards, opening the door to new opportunities for their freelancers, backed by comprehensive insurance coverage.


Malt’s commitment to the protection of its stakeholders through insurance goes beyond mere formality, prioritizing its freelancing community. In the dynamic talent economy, Malt strives to foster optimal growth for both the marketplace and its users, demonstrating a genuine dedication to its freelancers. 

The goal was to gear up the Malt community with top-notch insurance, standing strong against work challenges and shouting out, ‘We’ve got your back!’—planting the seeds for growth, both for Malt and all its users.

In pursuit of a partner with global reach and expertise in platform worker dynamics, Malt found a perfect ally in Indeez. 


With a focus on Malt professionals, Indeez delivered tailored insurance solutions, addressing the specific needs of diverse profiles within the Malt community. We crafted two bespoke coverages ensuring comprehensive protection for both Public Liability and Professional Indemnity. Now,  when things don’t go according to plan, the community can rest easy knowing they’re not just covered but fully supported, thanks to the commitment and investment of Malt.

Insurance is non-negotiable in the talent economy and professional services, and Indeez’s tailored solutions for Malt users assure credibility and compliance in a dynamic risk landscape. Thanks to Indeez Malt & their community can now enjoy the financial protection and security they deserve. Moreover, this was also a savvy move to solidify their position as an industry leader. Malt is not just here to play the game but here also to set the rules.

Malt boldly claimed its space in the market, affirming a dedication to sparking growth and reshaping the freelancing landscape for itself and its community.

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