Platform workers: Indeez and Heetch roll out an inclusive insurance program designed to protect the purchasing power of VTC drivers

Team Indeez

At a time when drivers are particularly hard hit by inflation, the VTC app Heetch is teaming up with the insurtech specialist Indeez to unveil an innovative inclusive insurance program aimed at protecting their drivers’ purchasing power in case of an incident. 

France’s purchasing power law, initiatives simplifying access to social security advice and benefits … the fourth quarter was marked by inflation and increased financial support, particularly for independent workers. 

Nevertheless, VTCs, like other transport professionals, remain particularly vulnerable. Driving 5 to 6 days a week, they are the first to bear the brunt of the increase in fuel prices which directly impacts their income, as well as their cash reserves in the case of an unforeseen event.

Inclusive protection, specially designed for drivers 

In the event of an incident, a driver will incur a deductible from the compensation he receives from his car insurance. Often exceeding €500, this deductible can represent nearly a third of their monthly net, not to mention the subsequent loss of earnings whilst the vehicle is out of use being repaired. These costs have an immediate impact on the driver’s purchasing power.

With the Indeez coverage, Heetch now allows its community of drivers to benefit for the first time from a full deductible refund in case of an incident.

Adapting the coverage to address a population excluded from traditional insurance

The insurtech Indeez, which recently raised $9.2 million in Series A funding from Elaia and Mosaic Ventures, is continuing to pursue its mission that is inclusive by its very nature: to enable the future of work by protecting the income of platform workers.

Vikas Chhariya, Founder & CEO of Indeez, explains: “Inclusive insurance is at the heart of creating a level playing field for independent workers in European markets – one that addresses their every needs and life events at work. This is where we work with digital partners who empathise with the vulnerabilities of their communities to create bespoke solutions and services to empower them. We are pleased to launch a unique protection for VTC drivers in partnership with Heetch, who share our strong commitment: to enable independent drivers to sustainably protect and grow their business.”

Hugues Le Chevallier, General Manager France at Heetch explains: “Building a platform that is as close as possible to the drivers means helping them to maximize their profitability. The deductible waiver insurance was one of their first expectations. We are delighted to work with Indeez to offer partnerships tailored to drivers’ needs and allow them to focus on developing their business.” 

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