Fuel your business growth with embedded insurance.


Fuel your business growth with embedded insurance.

They trust us

Grow Faster.

Grow Sustainably.

Attract new account holders

Increase your customer base and nurture loyalty with our winning lineup of insurance policies.

Focus on your business

Seamless implementation with minimal effort required so you can focus on your account holders.

Expand your offer

Offering tailored solutions to your account holders based on their needs.

Our bancassurance



Frequent travelers?
Let your customers focus on their business trips and plan their next getaways while we take care of the insurance.


Gadgets are a big part of both work and personal life.
Help your account holders look after these crucial devices


Mistakes and accidents happen.
Shield your account holders  activities to safeguard their success.


Don’t sweat it.
Give your account holders  the confidence to do what they do best, without the worry of legal claims in case of damage or harm on the job.


Life’s unexpected twists ?
Offer your account holders support in case of accidents and sickness allowing them to have time-off and peace of mind.

What we

Bring to the Table

We've got the best for you.
We assembled a team of top industry experts in legal, actuarial, operations, and claims, ensuring that your professionals receive the highest level of expertise and care.
Optimised pricing.
We offer personalized pricing options based on your specific needs, so there's never a one-size-fits-all solution with us.
Thanks to our tech, claims management is as simple as pie. So you can let your freelancers focus on their job.
Thanks to our tech, customer onboarding and claims management are a piece of cake.
Custom pricing.
Our pricing is data driven based on the industry specific needs, so there's never a one-size-fits-all solution with us.

How it works?

Seamless Integration

Cut the line through endless legal and tech jargon.

Fully integrated, seamless plug-and-play technology.

Who are we?

a team of innovators dedicated to independent workers.

At Indeez, we pledged to help companies shift the way they work. From income protection to mobility, we nurture businesses’ sustainable growth.

We've got you covered whilst you're out working

For all incidents taking place after the 30th June 2022 please make your claim here

If you need to make a liability claim as a result of causing injury or property damage to a third party whilst you were working, click the button below to access the Indeez claim platform.

We've got you covered

If you have been involved in an incident with a Deliveroo Rider that has caused you bodily injury or property damage, please make your claim – click the button.